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Manual  etching presses, for chalcographic press designed and built by RGM with the collaboration of teachers and artists. Ideal for both professional and school use. Professional print quality thanks to the precision mechanical parts, and the use of the high quality materials.



etching press for engraving printing, steel structure with roller of 50 mm diameter, the drive system is provided by a radial three-spoke, 28 cm length of the race. The table top in galvanized iron 3 mm, print size 26.5 x 42 cm. Weight 16 Kg.

It's the same PRESS-2642 ADVANCE etching press with fastening slots modified to use a robust locking system (composed of 2 clamps) adaptable to any surface.
PRESS-2642 manual etching press for chalcographic printing, steel structure with lower drag knurles roller and smooth upper roller. Accompanied bt a galvanized iron table top of 3 mm, size of printing 26.5 x 42 cm with felt of 2 mm thickness. Optional felt available.
PRESS-3550 manual etching press. Steel structure with 40mm lower roller and 50mm upper roller. 3-ray rotation dragging system.
Studied and tested in every detail, to optimize print quality.
Available in 3 solution with 3mm galvanized iron table top:
Art. PRESS-3550  table top 35 x 50cm
Art. PRESS-3570  table top 35 x 70cm
Art. PRESS-35100   table top 35 x 100cm

PRESS-5070 etching press for chalcographic printing. Strong structure in varnished steel, elegant finishing. Lower drive roller in solid steel diameter 80 cmm, upper roller in solid steel diameter 100 mm. Operated by a radial pattern diameter 73 cm, rable top 50 x 70 cm. Tested and approved by well-known artists. Available with plan support 50 x 100 mm (PRESS-50100).

PRESS-5070 etching press also available with 1/3 gearbox (PRESS-5070-1/3) which facilitates dragging.
PRESS-1250 manual press for chalcographic printing.
Dimensions 140 x 390 cm
Weight 659 Kg
Professional felt
Tested and approved by well-known artists.
Professional press, strong structure in black varnished steel
Lower roller diameter 270 mm, upper roller diameter 270 cmm. Galvanized finishing.
Table top 102 x 250 x 0.3 cm - Table top 85h cm
The manual dragging system is given by a radial pattern 4 ray diameter 90 cm, with gearbox of 1:8
TAV 5070

Press support in black varnished iron available for PRESS-5070 e PRESS-5070-1:3