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RGM: for the fine arts since 1961

Since its creation in 1961, RGM have manufactured high quality products for the fine arts. The distinct quality of our palette knives and tools for the fine arts in general, have from small beginnings grown RGM into being a well renowned world leader in the provision of tools for the fine arts.

Today, thanks to 50 years experience in fine arts field, we at RGM are able to introduce to you our most exquisite and complete product range of fine arts. The continuous investment we put into the marketing research and development of more advanced production techniques, with the focus always upon the use of the highest quality materials to produce the finest products, have enabled RGM to lead the supply of products for the fine arts industry in many countries on a global scale all over the world.

Thank you to all our customers for choosing our products.

Via La Mola, 12
33085 Maniago (PN)

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