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New Age Pastrello Collection. RGM in collaboration with the artist Franco Pastrello has produced a new line of palette knives that the same artist has modified and tested, improving its functionality, allowing the whole world to appreciate this palette knives in a “soft” technique.

Features: the range of new forms allows a variety of uses, from thin flexible blade for small details and well defined, onto wide blade with rounded or square edges to spread the colour. The blade is made of tempered steel and ground manually to ensure an optimum flexibility also to the glossy finishing providing an excellent spread ability of the colour. The ergonomic and functional handle is made of polished wood and has a hole for display. Finally, the blade is fixed to the handle with a ring of containment in polished brass. 

Strengths: manufactured with the experience of over 50 years 
                produced by RGM in collaboration with the artist Franco Pastrello 
                manufactured with the highest quality materials 
                brand new range of over 100 forms that are suitable for any palette knives technique 
                tempered steel blade and ground manually to ensure an optimum flexibility 
                ergonomic handle and functional design with a hole for display 
                the RGM palette knives are used throughout the world