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Mosaic Set

Box in natural beech containing the necessary mosaic tools for artists. Manufactured by RGM, with high quality materials and attention to details that characterizes its long tradition of craftsmanship, the set BOX-M is suitable for a gift of prestige, and also as a tool kit  for the mosaic artist. The complete set BOX-M contains: a hammer, pliers, palette knife, nipper, sculptor tool, hardy.

Features: hammer with fixed handle, available in steel and widia. Steel hardy to be fixed firmly on a wooden stump. Semi-rigid sculptor tool to scrape and spread glue. Flexible palette knife to  spread the glue and reach the most difficult points and fixing with precision the glass tiles. Traditional pliers with widia edges for cutting the glass tiles.

Strengths: MOSAIC SET produced by RGM with over 50 years of experience
                box in beech 
                suitable for gift and as a tool kit

Mosaic set - Art. BOX-M
Art. BOX-M