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The RGM palette knives line meets all the needs of an artist with a range of over 250 models, depending on the shapes are used to paint, draw and spread the paint directly on the canvas getting impressive pictorial effects. The artisan tradition of over 50 years distinguishes RGM as a producer of high quality. 

Features: the steel blades are tempered and ground manually enabling continuous flexibility and excellent spread ability of colour, are also available electrolytic treated steel blades and stainless steel blades. The ergonomic handle and  functional design is made from different types of woods such as beech, olive and has a hole for display. Finally, the blade is securely attached to the handle with a ring of containment in polished brass.

Key features:
  • more than 50 years of experience as a manufacturer 
  • produced with the highest quality materials 
  • steel blade tempered and ground manually 
  • ergonomic handle with functional design with the ability to print the “logo” of the customer.
  • more than 200 forms for every need
  • with the collaboration of the artists who made it possible to optimize the functionality of the palette knife, and the opportunity to study new models on request