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The New Age collection, consisting of 51 different models, RGM offers a new way of conceiving the palette knives, thanks to the variety of forms and the use of new production technologies, the palette knife becomes the instrument to replace the paintbrush, creating unique effects by impressionistic touches, making these palette knives essential for anyone who wants to express the spontaneity of his style.

Features: each palette knives consists in different shapes and characteristics, unique in their kind, the blade is tempered and ground manually to ensure optimum constant flexibility, the blades have a special water-resistant protection. Ergonomic handle with functional design is available in wood or rubber and has a hole for display. Finally, the blade is securely attached to the handle with a ring of containment in polished brass.
Strengths: over 50 years of experience as manufacturer 
                51 different models 
                a steel blade tempered and ground manually to optimum constant flexibility 
                special water-resistant protection on the blade 
                ergonomic handle functional design available in wood or rubber