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The RGM range of carving tools, are manufactured to meet high standards of quality and precision. Thanks to the careful choice of materials and workmanship combined with the particular hardness and toughness that are essential for their use in etching techniques, dry point, woodcut and linoleum engraving.

Features: etching tools, used to trace the drawing on the matrix which is then immersed in the corrosive liquid that affect and influence the drawing previously traced, dry points tools used to trace the metal (like zinc plates) without the use of acids, lino tools used for etching the linoleum and for the woodcut engraving.
  • tools for engraving produced in Italy by RGM
  • made with high quality materials and extreme precision.
  • able to meet all the needs of the engraver, professional and beginner.
  • the continuous collaboration with the artists ensures a continuous development of an high quality products.