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The mosaic tools produced by RGM, include a wide range of articles, produced with the highest quality materials, suitable for the mosaic technique that goes back by over fifty years of collaboration with professional industry. The art of mosaics you can still classify craftsmanship per excellence, where, all processing steps take place by hand and it is for this reason that RGM offers a wide selection of hammers, chisels, pliers, nippers as well as the practical mosaic box set.

Features: hammers, chisels and pliers to cut and shape the mosaic glass tiles, pliers are suitable for the placement of the glass tiles. Nippers are made for cutting inserts with ease and precision.

Strengths: mosaic tools produced by RGM with over 50 years of experience,
                with a wide range of tools made from materials of the highest quality
                suitable for the beginner to the most demanding professional