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Gilding knife is a tool designed and manufactured by RGM, specifically for gilding and needed to apply and cut gold leaf.
For best results, is recommended to not touch the blade with the fingers in such cases shall be degreased with alcohol only, remembering to harpening with fine abrasive paper.

Features: sharp knife edged, in tempered stainless steel mirror polished.
Available in 3 models: art.9000 gilding knife with 2 cuts and ferrulering. Art.9100 gilding cut with 1 cut and rivets, art.9200 gilding knife with 2 cuts and rivets.

Strengths: produced by RGM with the experience of over 50 Years
                stainless steel blade sharpened on one or both side
                wooden handle with rivets or containment ferrule.
                Ideal knives for professional gilder and beginner