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Etching tools

RGM offers a wide range of tools for etching, characterized by a particular heat treatment that ensures a sharp and wire always a constant hardness, essential qualities for the various etching techniques.

Features: manufactured in tempered and polished carbon steel.
L 'enlarged handle allows a secure grip and more control, while the polished finishing allows better use of chemicals and better detergency after work. Finally, the elongated scraper (Art.602) is characterized by a resin handle shockproof hot fixed to be used in percussion.

Punti di forza:
  • RGM products with the experience of over 50 years
  • special heat treatment that ensures an always sharp and hardness wire
  • the sharp edges and enlarged handles allow you to engrave the zinc easily, making these instruments suitable for beginner and professional artist.       


A scraper
B tip
C burnisher