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Professional zinc plates

Zinc plates for engraving produced by RGM and manually polished to make the a mirror polished surface to allow a quality printing.

Features: each sheet has a protective film to protect the shiny side. On request you can treat the back of the plate with a special paint antacid. Plates available in any size.

Strengths: zinc plates professionally produced by RGM
                each plate is polished to mirror manually and has a protective film to protect the finishing



Professional mirror plate zinc available in different sizes
 cm 10x15 cm 20x30 cm 50x63
 cm 13x18 cm 24x30 cm 54x72
 cm 15x20 cm 25x35 cm 100x40
 cm 18x24 cm 30x40  
 cm 20x25 cm 42x60  
Zinc plate
Protection film