Pastrello Franco

Originally from the province of Venice, he has been living in Borgosesia (Vercelli) since 1957. After having attended art school he made a name for himself as a painter. Over the years he has been the protagonist of many personal exhibitions and his artworks have also been selected for various international awards.  His was an expert at using palette knives with which most of his paintings were created. This resulted in a profound collaboration with RGM from which a line of painting palette knives dedicated to the artist was born. These palette knives were tested and modified by the artist who improved their functionality so that the whole world could appreciate this new technique that he himself defined as “soft”.





Jouault Danielle

Danielle Jouault, otherwise known as ROU, began his artistic career at the end of the 70s. Although it was hard going at the beginning, getting in contact with people from all over the world and entertaining ongoing exchanges – both cultural and of life experiences - helped him expand his personal artistic style. 
He currently expresses his artistic talent in Paris, on the Montmartre hill, which is where we met him.  This fruitful meeting gave rise to a long-lasting partnership aimed at developing and improving our painting palette knives.



Corrado Albicocco

Born in Urbino in 1947, he attended the prestigious Scuola del Libro where he obtained a diploma as an art teacher. After a short period in which he worked as a professional football player, his teacher’s application sent to the Istituto Statale d'Arte in Udine was accepted and he became a teacher of advertising graphics. In 1974 he started a printing business in Udine with his friend Federico Santini; this was initially a hobby but later became an actual job.    The printing house worked very hard and benefited from the collaboration of numerous artists including Giuseppe Santomaso, Emilio Vedova, Albert Merz, Giuseppe Zigaina, Safet Zec, Jannis Kounellis and Leonardo Castellani. In 1992 he decided to continue by himself and moved to Via E. di Colloredo 8 in Udine. In this location Corrado managed to express his art to the utmost degree in a profession in which dexterity, professionalism and sensitivity are worth more than technology.
As well as being an exceptional professional, Corrado is also an extremely courteous and kind person who does nothing to mystify his art. On the contrary, he often explains this little-known technique using plain, comprehensible language.



Moruzzi Sergio

After a decade’s experience in an art workshop in Paris, in 1980 Sergio Moruzzi started his own business in Toppo, Travesio, founding the Mosaici Mouzzi company. Thanks to his expertise in the mosaic sector he became internationally renowned, setting up long-term collaborations with firms all over the world. He currently benefits from the collaboration of numerous mosaicists and can make any type of mosaic, from small artworks to large projects.