Mosaic set

Set of tools for mosaic work packed in an elegant cardboard box.
Available in 3 versions:
with a hammer in steel, in steel paired with Widia or in just Widia 950 g, a chisel, a spatula, a nipper and a putty knife.



This new collection still presents palette knives with traditional shapes but natural acacia wood is now used for the handle, just like it used to when RGM started its production.


Our products

In our catalogue of products you can find an ample selection of items for the fine arts, ranging from painting palette knives to tools for mosaic work. There are also etching presses for engraving and all the tools required for sculpting and model making. Passion and professional expertise have distinguished our company since 1961, allowing us to offer a vast range of items made entirely in Italy that reflect traditional techniques while making use of cutting-edge technologies.