RGM: tools for the fine arts since 1961

RGM is named after its founder, Rosa Gastaldo Mario, who realised in the late 50s that there was a demand for high-quality technical products in the fine arts market. In 1961, Mario decided to fill the gap by setting up his own company in Maniago, a city of knife makers full of skilled steel workers. Here, it was easy for the company to find expert collaborators who - together with local artists – contributed to making RGM become the go-to company for the fine arts market.


The company has developed considerably over the years; Mario's son, Edoardo, rose to its helm, challenging international scenarios by leading RGM into new markets and setting up fruitful collaborations with international contemporary artists.  This new goal spurred RGM to refine its manufacturing techniques, thus expanding its range of products and becoming one of the go-to companies for the fine arts industry and for quality, Made in Italy products.

Today, thanks to the most complete range of items for artists and restorers in the world, RGM is synonymous with Art.